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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WordJong Party Game

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Genre: Puzzle

System: Nintendo Wii

Price: $ 29.99

Are you ready to solve the puzzle? Then, here is the new WordJong Party Game to puzzle you. Show your genius solving this word puzzle on your Nintendo Wiii system. Not just one but up to four players can enjoy playing this superb brainy game.

Published by Destineer, WordJong Party Game was recently released on November 18th, 2008. This game has already grabbed E ESRB Rating that means it can be played by everyone. Having stunning new visuals and graphics, this Nintendo Wii game uses a set of lettered tiles to create words.

Make the words out of these letters and win the game by clearing the board. It comes in various new modes like Party Mode, Enhanced Solo Mode and New Power-ups. Enjoy your journey up the Zodiac Mountain paying your visit at the Word Temples to test your knowledge in this Nintendo puzzle game.

Happy Gaming to all WordJong Party Game Nintendo Wii Gamers.

Source: Nintendo

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