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Monday, December 1, 2008

FIFA Soccer 09 Game

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Genre: Sports

System: Nintendo

Price: $ 59.95

As FIFA 2009 is approaching, get ready to play the new FIFA Soccer 09 Game on your Nintendo DS system. Published by Electronic Arts Inc., FIFA Soccer 09 Game has already grabbed E ESRB rating meaning that everybody can enjoy playing this sporty game. Not just one but up to four players can enjoy playing this game.

FIFA Soccer 09 Game features new slide tackles to give the defenders an ability to execute slide tackle to interrupt passes or block shots. This new sports game that has been designed for Nintendo DS gamers comes with Real-Time Feedback. Play this game and learn to master positioning and improve your attributes as an online soccer player.

Penalty Shoot-Out Mode is another interesting feature of FIFA Soccer 09 Game. It adds a variety of new shots to enable you pass the ball in the goal. The best thing about this new sports Nintendo DS game is that it delivers 60 frames per second and over 100 new and amazing animations.

Happy Gaming to all FIFA Soccer 09 Game Nintendo Gamers.

Source: Nintendo

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