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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Kahuna Party Game

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Genre: Puzzle

System: Nintendo Wii

Price: 700 Wii Points

Thanks to Reflective Entertainment for publishing a mind teasing Big Kahuna Party Puzzle Game. Known as the part of the popular Big Kahuna series, this game was recently released for Nintendo Wii gaming consoles. Explore no 1 but 99 unique free-flowing levels in Big Kahuna Party Game.

Big Kahuna Party Game is a single-player mode game that can also be played by up to four players in a multiplayer mode. All the levels of this exciting puzzle game resemble like an oceanic holiday where the players are required to match up to the sea-themes objects.

Play Big Kahuna Party Game and feel free to swap tiles using the Wii Remote. Watch out for explosives and huge nuclear bombs that can be used to clear large sections in each level to reach the next level.

Happy Gaming to all Big Kahuna Party Game Nintendo DS Gamers.

Source: Nintendo

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