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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Star Wars Clone Game

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Genre: Action

System: Nintendo

Price: $ 51.99

Action lovers would simply love playing the new Star Wars Clone Nintendo Game. Recently launched on November 11th, 2008, this game has been published by LucasArts. It has grabbed E 10+ ESRB Rating that means everybody over 10 years of age would love playing it.

Get to enjoy the power of Lightsaber fight playing Star Wars Clone Game. Watch out for new characters, locations and epic duels in this all-new Star Wars animated game that is also available as an animated feature film and television series.

This game is mostly about piloting various modes of transport like an aerial gunship, a hover tank, a speeder and a two-legged beast. Apart from the exciting gameplay, the graphics used in this game are mind-blowing. Play Star Wars Clone Game and fight the foes doing acrobatic flips and jumps with style.

Happy Gaming to all Star Wars Clone Game Nintendo Gamers.

Source: Nintendo

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